Pentatonix holiday tour is a "journey" through the group's "history of doing Christmas music"

Steven Diaz/Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Diaz/Walt Disney World ResortIt isn’t truly the Christmas season without Pentatonix.

The A cappella group recently kicked off their annual Christmas tour, which brought holiday cheer to Uncasville, CT on Sunday night before heading to Boston on Tuesday.

“This tour is definitely an upgrade,” group member Scott Hoying tells ABC Audio. “The production is way better, we have a longer set list.”

He continues, “We do some songs we've never done before and it's kind of a journey throughout our history of doing Christmas music. So it's a lot of the old ones that first got us into the Christmas world and then all of our new stuff, too. It's so fun.”

But there’s one special song that, while Pentatonix won’t be performing it on tour, you can play on repeat during your holiday celebrations. In October, the group released a holiday compilation album called The Best of Pentatonix Christmas, featuring a standout collaboration with the late Whitney Houston on “Do You Hear What I Hear?” The song includes Whitney’s original 1987 recording mixed with Pentatonix’s harmonies.

“I don't remember whose idea it was, but we had the song arranged, our background parts, and we always had this amazing idea of having Whitney's track with us,” Mitch Grassi says. “So we asked her estate and they were generous enough to give the stems [audio files] to us. So we recorded it.” 

The Pentatonix tour is scheduled to wrap up December 23.

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