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Ostriches, robots, spaceships & pandas: Watch OneRepublic & Kygo’s “absurd” video for “Lose Somebody”

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Sony MusicThese days, stars who release collaborative singles have to find creative ways of making videos, since they’re often self-isolating in different cities, or different countries.  But OneRepublic’s new video for their collab with Kygo, “Lose Somebody,” has reached a whole new level of social distancing insanity.

“We filmed this video 3 weeks ago in lockdown & had to get super creative because we had no other option,” reads a message on OneRepublic’s socials. “This video is absurd, and we love it. We hope u do too.”

The video was filmed by combining green screen footage of OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder shot in Los Angeles with green screen footage of Kygo filmed in his home country, Norway.  Through the magic of editing, the two are shown riding in a car together down city streets, through mountains and deserts, and even through a supermarket.  But that’s not the weird part.

Soon, we see Kygo in the car, driven by a dog, while Ryan pops up in a swimming pool occupied by a bikini-wearing woman with a mustache. Then, they’re dancing with guys in chefs’ outfits, women in traditional costumes of foreign lands, an older woman in jogging attire and an elderly guy who’s manning the turntables like a deejay.  Next, things get really weird.

We see a guy in a gorilla suit riding an exercise bike, and then Ryan and Kygo seated together atop an ostrich, flying through space, encountering astronauts, robots and flying saucers. They also run into enormous pandas and friendly tigers, play some frisbee and tennis, visit ancient Egypt, cause a car to explode and, finally, return to their respective homes in L.A. and Norway.

“Lose Somebody” is featured on Kygo’s latest album Golden Hour.

By Andrea Dresdale
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