Featured | Tracy St. George

Ooooooh A Candy Corn Frap Is At Starbucks!

The most maligned Halloween candy now comes in drink form, which fortunately doesn’t contain any of its pieces.

BTW —- Candy Corn is a wonderful blend of creamy fondant, rich marshmallow and warm vanilla notes. When combined, these flavors create the distinct Candy Corn flavor.

Thanks to the good people at Totallythebomb.com, you can order a Candy Corn Frappuccino off Starbucks’ “Secret Menu”. So secret in fact, you can’t ask for it by name.

Instead, beg the barista to drizzle the bottom of a grande cup with caramel before making a Pumpkin Cream Frappuccino. Then get an additional pump of pumpkin sauce but skip the pumpkin powder on top.

As with every one of these timely concoctions, make sure the store isn’t very busy and tip well after.

What’s your fall craving right now?