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On Saturday, David Guetta deejays for charity online — and IRL for some lucky Floridians

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Warner RecordsIn the past few weeks, we’ve seen DJs perform online from their homes, but it’s much more fun to perform for a live audience. Now, superstar DJ and producer David Guetta has figured out a way to play for real people and fans online — plus raise money for COVID-19 relief in the process.

Saturday night at 6 p.m. ET, David will stream a 90-minute set live from downtown Miami. He’ll be set up right in between several huge apartment towers, so people can watch from their balconies.

“I like to have a crowd in front of me,” he tells ABC Audio. “It’s, like, 8000 people and they’re gonna be on the balcony, so it’s gonna be like a real audience. It’s obviously not the same [as having] people right in front of me….but still!”

The event will stream on all the French DJ’s social channels, and fans will be asked to donate to organizations like Feeding America, the World Health Organization and a charity that works to improve the conditions of healthcare workers and patients in French hospitals.

David’s 90-minute set on Saturday night will feature all his biggest hits, including his smash Sia collaboration “Titanium.”

“Right now, of course, it takes a different meaning,” he says of “Titanium.” “It’s good to have a song that makes you feel stronger.”

While he’s looking forward to the return of live performances — which he thinks won’t happen until 2021 — he’s keeping busy working out, writing songs and, believe it or not, studying economics online.

“I’m a little bit nerdy like this,” he laughs. “[It’s] something I was always interested in. And I think also, it’s going to be a moment where economy is gonna be very, very important, so I want to understand it.”

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