OMG….Wasn't ANYONE There To Talk Joey Fatone Out Of His Latest Tattoo?!

The reason I don’t have a tattoo, is because I just can’t think of what I want on me foreverrrrrr. What looks cool now, might not look cool later. For example, the awesome barbed wire tattoo Pamela Anderson got in 1995.  SUPER cool…..back then!!! She has since realized later in life, not so cool and has had them lasered off.
Apparently Joey Fatone doesn’t feel that way and will tattoo whatever he feels like on his body. Really Joey…you got your Masked Singer bunny costume? That will look amazing when you’re 94 in a nursing home.


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@zoeytaylor did a KILLER job on the rabbit ! She is def one of the best! Go see her @thewarrentattoo

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