Of Course We Love The Other Guys, But Is N’Snyc Really N’Sync Without Justin Timberlake?!

After all the hype they got from performing with ARIANA GRANDE at Coachella, ‘N SYNC MINUS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE might be ready to hit the road, and maybe even record some new music.

Obviously, they’d include Justin in a heartbeat, but they’ve waited long enough for him to come around.  A source says, quote, “They loved their moment with Ariana at Coachella, and they know fans are still there for them.

“Would they love Justin to be a part of anything in their future?  Absolutely!  But, they’re tired of waiting for him to make a decision . . . They are down to do it with or without Justin.”

So do you think they should get someone else to sing Justin’s parts?!  Or share the vocals within the band?

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