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Obsessed Ariana Grande fan delivers love letter to her front door

ABC/Randy Holmes

ABC/Randy HolmesAn obsessed Ariana Grande fan showed up at the singer’s Los Angeles home over the weekend and somehow made it all the way to her front door without getting caught, according to TMZ.

Police tell the gossip website that the man, thought to be in his 20s, somehow managed to sneak by security, then knocked on Ariana’s door and asked for her.  The property manager who answered the door told the intruder Ariana wasn’t home.

The cops were called to the house and found the man nearby, holding a love note to Ariana, which included directions to her house.  The man was arrested and booked for misdemeanor trespassing. He was also charged with felony battery, for allegedly spitting on the arresting officers.

Police were called to Ariana’s house just a couple weeks ago after receiving a 9-1-1 call claiming shots were being fired on the property.  It turned out she was the victim of a swatting, a prank in which an emergency services dispatcher is tricked into sending a SWAT team to another person’s address.

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