No Funny Business In The Public Bathrooms Please! If You Try It, You’ll Be Doused With Water!

Imagine getting it on in a public bathroom and being doused with water, this is the plan for the new high-tech bathrooms being constructed in Wales.

The toilets will be equipped with weight-sensitive floors so only one person can enter at a time and sensors that can detect violent movement.

When the sensors are triggered, the occupant will be doused with water, the doors will open and a siren will go off.

The bathrooms will also have a time limit, if you go over a specified amount of time a message will come on over the speaker to let you know that you’ve exceeded the time, along with the lights and heat being turned off. Now THAT would be embarrassing.  What if you just ate some bad food and need some extra time in there?!?! OR what if you’re a parent dealing with your own business and then your child’s?

Do you think the anti-sex toilets are a good or bad idea? I think it’s hilarious!