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Nicky Youre’s “Sunroof” ends the summer in ‘Billboard’ Songs of the Summer Top 20, #1 at radio

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When Nicky Youre‘s “Sunroof” first blew up, he told ABC Audio he hoped it would be 2022’s Song of the Summer. Well, he didn’t achieve that title officially — Harry Styles got that — but he got pretty darn close.

“Sunroof” ended up at #15 on Billboard‘s official Song of the Summer 2022 chart, ahead of tracks from Justin Bieber, Drake and country superstar Morgan Wallen.  But it’s #1 on both Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart and Billboard‘s Adult Pop Airplay chart … ahead of Harry.

While we were all blasting “Sunroof,” what was Nicky listening to? What are his favorite summer songs?

“Off the dome, it’s people like Tai Verdes, Quinn XCII [92] … I love blackbear,” he tells ABC Audio. “I’m a big Justin Bieber fan, too, so I’m all about, like, the fun.”

“I mean, blackbear’s kinda on the darker side of things, but it’s still fun music,” he adds. “And ultimately, I just want to listen to stuff that’s, like, easy to listen to, typically. Unless I’m feeling sad. Then I wanna get hit with the feels by a really sad song, y’know? So it just depends on my mood.”

Stuff that’s easy to listen to pretty much describes “Sunroof.” Nicky says he’s glad that’s the song that put him on the map.

“I feel like it’s, like, a good representation of my personality and what I’m all about with music,” he tells ABC Audio. “So I’m really glad it was that song that was the one that went.”

So what’s next? Well, Dazy, the producer Nicky collaborated on Sunroof with, tells Variety, “We have one more song that we’re really stoked about. It’s done and pretty much ready to go, we just have to wait for the right time to release it.” 

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