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Nick Jonas reveals secrets about “S.O.S.” to mark song’s 15th anniversary

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It’s been 15 years since the Jonas Brothers released “S.O.S.” and Nick Jonas saluted the standout track by revealing a few of its secrets.

Taking to TikTok, the “Jealous” singer shared a one-minute video with some “fun facts… you may not know” about the song. 

Fact #1, according to Nick: “I wrote the song when I was 13 in a hotel room in New York City.”

The singer said the first draft sounded very different than the final product. The original, he explained, used palm muted strumming for its guitars. After recreating what that sounded like, Nick explained why that changed. 

“It wasn’t until we got into the studio with John Fields, our producer, that we were thinking, ‘It needs to be more memorable right off the top.’ So, that guitar line was born,” he revealed.

Secret #2 was about the song’s title! Nick revealed “S.O.S.” was originally going to be called “A Call I’ll Never Get.” So, what made the JoBros change it?

Said Nick, “When it came time to make the track list for the album, everyone kept calling it ‘S.O.S.’ So, we went with that.”

The Grammy winner also saluted the song for being their first to top the iTunes chart. Overall, despite the track now being 15 years old, Nick grinned, “To this day, [it’s] one of my favorite songs to play live.”

“Happy 15th birthday, ‘S.O.S.,'” Nick sweetly noted and extended the sentiment to his fans, who “sang your emo little hearts out then, and now, to every word.”

Nick captioned the birthday tribute, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

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