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Niall Horan’s new video for “No Judgement” features four-year-old viral dancing star

Capitol Records

Capitol RecordsNiall Horan has released an alternate music video for his song “No Judgement,” featuring four-year-old viral dancing sensation Boss Baby Brody.

Brody Schaffer, who captured the internet’s heart last year with his passionate dance to “The Nutcracker,” shows off his moves as he dances to Niall’s song around his family’s home.

The clip begins with Brody and older sister Dylan getting bored with TV and deciding to rummage through their parents’ walk-in closet instead. They dress up in costumes and dance around until mom, dad and their two brothers join in on the fun.

Niall’s original video for “No Judgement” features an elderly couple who have been together so long that they love each other completely free of any judgment, no matter how weird they get.

“No Judgement” is off Niall’s new album, Heartbreak Weather, which came out Friday.

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