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Niall Horan wants to "come back with a bang" in 2021 after releasing album in the "worst week in music history"

Dean Martindale

Niall Horan‘s latest album Heartbreak Weather was released on March 13, so pretty much the same day as the entire world locked down due to quarantine.  And even though it was number-one in the U.K. and top five in the U.S., Niall feels he missed a big opportunity.

“I released an album on the worst week in music history!” he laughs to MusicWeek. “So I wouldn’t say it was the greatest launch of an album of all time.” 

As a result, he says, “Hopefully I’ll have something next year at some point. I would like to come back with a bang.”

“I don’t know if I’d like to just throw a song out in the middle of this. I like the idea of getting around the planet and I’ve learned that the hard way this year!” he adds. “So I would like the world to be at a point where I can get out about and do the promo.”

While Niall says he’s “kind of enjoyed” his time at home — joking that he “nearly forgot how to pack a suitcase” — things haven’t been as pleasant for all the members of his touring band and crew who’ve been out of work.  That’s why he did a special livestream benefit show for them and for the charity We Need Crew earlier this month. He was shocked when the show, at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall, sold 125,000 tickets.

“It was just amazing. It was good to know that obviously the bigger the number the more money it means we’ve raised, and we can pay our crew and pay the We Need Crew fund,” says Niall. “There was a glint in everyone’s eye the other night and it was nice to see.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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