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Niall Horan says it’s just a coincidence that 1D bandmates release solo music at the same time

Dean Martindale

Dean MartindaleOne Direction may not be releasing music as a band anymore, but their solo projects always seem to come out around the same time. According to Niall Horan, that’s a total coincidence.

During an interview for The Rebecca Judd Show on Apple Music, Niall chalks it up to the band’s poor communication skills when it comes to discussing their solo music plans.

“Probably the only thing we don’t talk about is music. And it’s our own fault because we’ve all ended up releasing music around the same time,” he says. “And I’ve had people coming up to me, like mates of mine who know me really well and saying, ‘Is this some sort of publicity stunt that all of you are releasing tunes at the same time?’”

He adds, “I remember, at one point, there was five out of seven weeks there was a One Direction member releasing a tune or something like that, at one point last year. And I was just like, ‘Jesus, we should’ve probably talked about this.’”

Last December in particular, Niall, Harry Styles and Liam Payne all released new music. Louis Tomlinson’s debut solo album came out in January, and Niall just released his sophomore album, Heartbreak Weather, last week.

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