Natalie Portman Wants To Create All-Vegan Cooking Show!

We all know Natalie Portman as the beloved actress, but did you also know that she’s a huge animal advocate and has been vegan for 7 years? Her latest movie is even about it, called “Eating Animals” (based on the 2009 book).
After the film’s premiere, Portman stayed for a Q&A session and shared with the audience her dream project. Portman explains, “It would be my dream to make one of those cooking shows, but only for vegan food. It could provide you with a starter kit if you want to be a vegan.”
Many of the cooking shows on now are so similar, so this sounds like a great idea!
Especially for someone who is thinking about going vegan, but doesn’t really know where to start.
Do you think you could ever try to go vegan?
What other cooking shows do you want to see?
What’s your dream job?