My Parents Got This "Grandparent Scam"! Have Yours?

Thankfully, they didn’t fall for it! State attorney generals throughout the United States are asking you to think twice if you get a call from your kids or grandkids asking for money while on spring break.  Indiana’s attorney general says that the “grandparent scam” of trying to get folks to send money to scammers is picking up while kids are on holiday.
Scammers are calling and claiming that they are the victim’s kid or grandkid.  Scammers tell the victims that they have been arrested, mugged, stranded or hospitalized and need money to be wired immediately.
The Better Business Bureau says victims can protect themselves by remaining calm, asking the caller a personal question without revealing too much, do not wire money or send gift cards, call the family member to confirm if it was them and then report the scam to the BBB.
Has a scammer ever tried to hit you up for money?  Which tactic did they use?