Monkey In California Zoo Calls 911

When 911 dispatchers in California received a call that disconnected over the weekend, deputies with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office suspected someone was monkeying around with the phone. But they had not idea how right they were.

Deputies who were dispatched to the call’s originating location were surprised to find it had come from Zoo to You, a zoo near Paso Robles. But they were even more surprised to learn the call had been made by one of the zoo’s residents, a Capuchin monkey named Route, the sheriff’s office reports.

Apparently, Route had grabbed a cellphone from a golf cart used by zoo officials and inadvertently dialed the emergency number. “We’re told Capuchin monkeys are very inquisitive and will grab anything and everything and just start pushing buttons,” reads a statement released by the sheriff’s office. “Our Deputies have seen their fair share of ‘monkey business’ in the county. But nothing quite like this.”