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Miley Cyrus reveals collabs with Dua Lipa, Joan Jett on 'Plastic Hearts' track list

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Get ready for some killer collabs on Miley Cyrus’ upcoming album, Plastic Hearts.

The singer revealed the track list Friday, which includes songs with Dua Lipa and rock icons Billy Idol and Joan Jett.

The track with Dua is called “Prisoner,” and comes after the two shared photos in the studio together back in August. The track with Joan Jett is titled “Bad Karma,” and her collab with Billy Idol is called “Night Crawling.”

The 12-song album also features the lead single “Midnight Sky,” which was recently remixed into a mash-up with Stevie Nicks called “Edge of Midnight.”

Plastic Hearts is due out November 27.  Here’s the full track list:

“WTF Do I Know”
“Plastic Hearts”
“Angels Like You”
“Prisoner” feat. Dua Lipa
“Gimme What I Want”
“Night Crawling” feat. Billy Idol
“Midnight Sky”
“Hate Me”
“Bad Karma” feat. Joan Jett
“Never Be Me”
“Golden G String”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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