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Miley Cyrus explains why it would have been "dangerous" if she'd gotten to meet Elvis Presley

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Alana O’Herlihy

Even though Miley Cyrus is young enough to be Elvis Presley‘s granddaughter, she still feels the late King of Rock ‘n Roll was the ultimate superstar — and says if she had met him back in the day, things might have gotten “dangerous.”

In a new episode of the YouTube series RELEASED, Miley is interviewed by ’80s icon Billy Idol, with whom she duets on her latest album Plastic Hearts.  When Billy asks Miley which star she would’ve most liked to have seen live, from any era, Miley chooses Elvis, and notes that her grandmother had “incredible” Polaroids of the King from the early ’60s, when she stood in line “for three days” to see him.

“I think that that maybe could have been dangerous, if we woulda met. It’s probably a good thing,” Miley says. “I would hope that I would’ve been his ex-wife or something, sitting here.”

Miley also recalled that in the fire that destroyed her Malibu home two years ago, she not only lost a whole bunch of music, but also what she calls “an entire Elvis shrine that I said goodnight to every single night.”  The shrine included her grandmother’s “incredible” Polaroids, as well as a bunch of replicas of Elvis’ cars and motorcycles that her father Billy Ray Cyrus had given her.

“Once I lost that, and having kinda nothing, and no ground to stand on, that was the greatest inspiration I coulda ever been given,” Miley says of her decision to forget about all that other music and start anew with Plastic Hearts.

By Andrea Dresdale
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