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Miley Cyrus announces her seventh studio album 'Plastic Hearts'

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Miley Cyrus‘s new era is just around the corner.  The “Midnight Sky” singer announced her seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, is coming out next month.  

The album is a literal labor of love because, just as she put on the finishing touches, it completely vanished and forced her to start all over.

Expressing her endless appreciation to her fans for supporting her throughout the years, Cyrus announced at the stroke of midnight on Friday, “I began this album over 2 years ago. Thought I had it all figured out. Not just the record with its songs and sounds but my whole [damn] life.”

“But no one checks an ego like life itself,” continued Cyrus. “Just when I thought the body of work was finished… it was ALL erased. Including most of the musics relevance. Because EVERYTHING had changed.”

The Grammy nominee reflected on the Woolsey fire, which torched her Malibu home and destroyed all of her belongings in 2018, and used it as a metaphor about how her life has changed.

“Nature did what I now see as a favor and destroyed what I couldn’t let go of for myself,” Cyrus noted. “I lost my house in a fire but found myself in its ashes.” 

While some of the work was salvaged from books and audio samples that were given to her collaborators, but “with a huge chapter missing,” she didn’t feel it was right to rush to release her story.

Later, she realized that moment in her life was “the beginning” of something new, so she waited until the chapter closed to work on the album once again.

“In triumph and gratitude I present to you my 7th studio record, Plastic Hearts,” Cyrus declared. “To be released Nov. 27th 2020.”

The album is available for preorder now. 

By Megan Stone
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