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Miley Cyrus admits that conspiracy theories can cause fist fights at Christmas

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If thought your Christmas family gatherings were intense… wait until you hear what Miley Cyrus goes through every year.

Speaking to the U.K.’s KISS Breakfast Show, per Daily Mail, the “Midnight Sky” singer revealed that holidays at the Cyrus household tend to get a little rowdy.

When asked what a typical family Christmas looks like, Cyrus joked, “Fist fights, and usually with each one of us removing ourselves and slamming the door in some way and a lot of apology texts.”

As for what triggers those intense moments, the 28-year-old admits her bunch happens to be “kind of conspiracy theorists.”

“I remember one year we got onto the topic of like aliens and it ended with my brothers not talking for a week and my mom crying,” Cyrus revealed, adding that she totally believes we’re not alone in the universe.

“I definitely believe in aliens,” she admitted and hopes that they show up in 2021.

Beyond looking forward to aliens possibly making contact next year, Miley is counting down the days until she digs into her family’s Christmas feast.

As for the number one thing she’s looking to load up on this year, she says it’s all about the carbs.

“We’re a big fan of mashed potato volcano in this house, which is where you basically make the butter explode out the top and come down like lava and it’s just the best thing ever,” Cyrus gushed. “Big, big fans of butter in this house.”

While Christmas dinner will remain traditional, Cyrus says her decorations will look very different this year.

“‘I want an all-black tree this year. I wanna do, like, goth Christmas,” she confessed. “I think, instead of a garland, do like rosaries.  Like, upside down studded crosses and…Very goth medieval kinda vibes.”

By Megan Stone
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