Melissa's Breast Surgery: From Bryan's Perspective

Time to switch this up!  You’re heard from my wife, Melissa, on here multiple times since she started going to Lickstein Plastic Surgery but you’ve never heard about it from me.  Husbands matter too, so I’m taking back my blog and giving you my side of the surgery.
Mel had always wanted breast augmentation.  She always talked about it.  She never went through with it because the timing was never right or the doctor wasn’t a fit.   That all changed when we met with Dr. Lickstein.  What an awesome man!?!  Him and his staff made us, but more importantly MEL, feel somethings that we had never felt before.  Comfort.  Excitement. A little nervousness was there as well considering she knew she was finally going to go through with breast augmentation.
The entire process from beginning to operation day to 9 months down the road where we sit today was beyond my wife’s expectations and the results were beyond mine.  I’m not just writing this to talk about Lickstein Plastic Surgery but more the impact they’ve had on my wife’s life and the impact they could have on yours.
I’ve never seen my wife glow the way she does today.  She never had “confidence”.  She was always insecure about her appearance.  Even with me.  Not to get TOO personal but there were times where my wife wasn’t even comfortable being around me in circumstances where she physically felt vulnerable.  That’s gone.  All of it.  She’s so happy with her decision to go with Dr. Lickstein and the results back that happiness up.  She feels sexy 24/7 and those that know her can sense the change immediately.
That all being said, let me be another person to say if this is something you’re thinking about doing, DO IT.  Do it for yourself.  If you’re on the fence, maybe talking with Lickstein Plastic Surgery will give you the same feelings it game us.  That feeling that you (my wife) was going to be in great hands with a doctor that truly makes you feel like he cares about what you want.  It was never my decision  It was always my wife’s. I never cared what decision she made as long is it was the one she wanted.  Glad she went for it, though. 😉
Thank you Dr. Lickstein.  You and your team has changed our life for the better.  I seriously can’t say it enough, but THANK YOU. -Bryan