Meet Our Feature Teacher! Ms. Miner From Marsh Pointe Elementary in Palm Beach Gardens!

We’re so proud of all of our South Florida Teachers!  We like to highlight as many as we can! Check out who we found this month! Ms. Jackie Miner from Marsh Pointe Elementary!
How long have you been a teacher?  33 years!
Where do you teach right now and what subject? I teach first grade at Marsh Pointe Elementary School in PBG.
What other schools and districts have you worked for? Palm Beach only- West Riviera Elem., Lake Park Elem., Lighthouse Elem and Marsh Pointe Elem.
What would the students be surprised to find out about you? Since I teach first grade, I’m an open book. 

How do you spend your summer breaks? I love summers to rejuvenate. Typically, I travel to Seattle to see my sister and her family. This summer, I had the trip of a lifetime and went to Italy with friends. I also worked very hard to become a Google Certified Educator.
What are your favorite books or movies? *For Students to read and for yourself- Every year, I read The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. It was written in 1939 and exemplifies the golden rule and encourages the children to know they can be anything they want to be.
If you won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, what would you do instead? I have a feeling that my teaching partner would coerce me into volunteering in her classroom!
What are some traditions you have for the First Day of School? On Meet the Teacher, I leave the kids an envelope with a poem called “Glitter Jitter” and a mini bag of glitter to put under their pillows on eve of the first day of school. When the first day rolls around, I read the book First Grade Jitters.

What makes a ‘good day’ at school? I especially love it when we all connect and are supportive of one another and of course when you see the “lightbulb” go on.
How do you show your school spirit? Outside of school, I always speak highly of Marsh Pointe. Since it’s true, it’s easy to sing her praises. At school, I try to capture moments with my camera.
What accomplishment fills you with pride so far this year? I have one great kid, who had a big issue with telling the truth and taking responsibility for himself. I feel super confident that he turned the corner. My goal is always to create a loving, supportive school family and we are on our way there.
Do you eat in the teachers lounge or in the cafeteria with the kids? I believe strongly that my teacher peer group keeps all of us going. My little lunch group is positive by nature and we almost make it a policy to only talk about our personal lives. Well, it really is our policy, even though every now and then we have to give into school talk to get support from one another.
How do you keep things fresh? I always switch things up. I could never be a teacher who teaches the same standard the exact same way, year after year. 
What inspires you? My little people. Them and Mr. Rogers. Last year, before all the buzz about him, I was looking for an inspirational quote and found myself glued to his story and goals. What a lovely man!

How does technology make teaching more simple or difficult? I love having the world at my fingertips. The hard part is finding the balance between using technology in a developmentally appropriate way.
Are there any embarrassing teaching moments? Oh, so many. Luckily, six and seven year olds really don’t care.
What’s the best/worst thing about being a teacher? The best thing is the kids. The worst part is the bureaucracy and paperwork. Also, online trainings that are every single year. 
If you could teach another subject, what would it be and why? I am a primary teacher at heart, so K, 1 or 2 is where I belong.
How do you make connections with students? I find this to happen pretty automatically. I listen to them and pay attention to them.
How do you remember all of your students’ names? I can’t remember adults’ names to save my soul, but the kids’ names come easily. Remember that before school starts, I have written and typed each name at least ten times. 

If you could take the students on a field trip to anywhere in the world, where would you take them? Remember that they don’t want to be far from mom and dad.  A simple trip to a working animal farm would be great. My students, for the most part, have lots of exposure to the world around them. Most of them haven’t had this opportunity. I wish I could find one close enough to take them to. 
What kind of student were you? I was a dorky, teacher’s pet who wanted to do her best. How I loved to read with expression!
Were you inspired by a certain teacher to become a teacher? I had an amazing teacher in second grade and as an enrichment teacher in fourth grade, Mr. Hyatt. He gave us so many opportunities that were ahead of his time. I also had a teacher at Jupiter High School, Mrs. Middlebrooks, who really prepared me for writing college papers. She was tough but a great teacher.

How do you remember year ONE in your teaching career? OVERWHELMING!
How do you want your students will remember you and your class? I hope they know that I love them and want what’s best for them for their whole lives.
Is there a quote or saying that you live your life by? As a teacher, I try to make my kids know that I believe this…”You made today a special day, just by you being you. There’s nobody in this whole wide world exactly like you and I like you just the way you are.” Mr. Rogers.
Do you know a teacher who goes above and beyond and you’d like to have them recognized?!  Let us know!