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MAX's "little piece of magic," 'Colour Vision,' is finally here

Colour Vision Records/Sony Music Entertainment

Four years after his debut album, MAX has finally released his sophomore album Colour Vision.  Why now? He says there’s no time like the present.

“I’m already onto the next batch [of songs], so I feel like it’s the perfect time to wrap up the chapter,” he tells ABC Audio. “I think, if anything, it’s a lesson: God laughs at your plans, so just put out where you’re at in your life and and move on from it.”

“Who knows where the world will be at in two more years or a year from now?” he points out. “So for me at least, I feel like I just want to give this little piece of magic that hopefully people can latch onto.”

And while MAX knows he spent much longer on the album than usual, he wanted to make it perfect for his fans.

“I wanted it to be an album that they listened to in five years and 10 years, and be able to look back and say ‘That still stands up,'” he says of the project, which features collabs with Hayley Kiyoko, BTS Suga, Quinn XCII and Chromeo.

As for title Colour Vision, MAX explains, “It’s a feeling. I think for me, I really did, before this album, see things a little less in color.”

What changed his outlook?  He almost lost his voice — and had to have surgery to fix it.

“Before this album, I was looking towards, ‘I just need to get to this place to feel the most successful,'” he admits.

“And I think once I got my voice back, there was a new gratitude of just…appreciate every day, every show, every song. And that’s what Colour Vision means to me and what I hope it means…to other people.” 

By Andrea Dresdale
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