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MAX casts pregnant wife in video for Suga collabo "Blueberry Eyes"

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Deanie Chen

These days, if you want to make a video, there’s testing and social distancing involved — or you can just have your spouse star in it.  That’s what MAX did for his brand-new clip, “Blueberry Eyes.”

The video stars MAX’s very pregnant wife Emily; we first see them together in a bathtub full of blueberries, and he offers her a sapphire-and-diamond ring.  Next, they’re eating breakfast; she lifts up a pancake to reveal a sonogram and then shows off her baby bump.

Then comes the fun part:  The song actually features Suga from BTS, but he isn’t in the video — presumably because, he’s, y’know, in South Korea.  So MAX and Emily stand face to face, each holding a piece of paper, and lip-sync along to Suga’s verse…in Korean.

The clip ends with MAX and Emily, wearing a blue sequinned gown, dancing together in the foyer of a house, and then sharing a sweet kiss. Even more impressive, Emily is dancing in super-high heels despite being six months’ pregnant.

The couple is expecting their first child, a girl, in about three months.

“Blueberry Eyes” is on MAX’s long-awaited new album Colour Vision, which is coming out this Friday.

By Andrea Dresdale
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