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Maroon 5 releases colorful lyric video for "Nobody's Love"

222 Records/Interscope

Maroon 5 is helping us cling to the final days of summer with the colorful, beachy lyric video for their new song, “Nobody’s Love.”

The visual employs the same color-changing aesthetic of the single’s cover art, with calming scenes of waves crashing against the coastline.

Last month, the group released the song and the official music video, which featured a solo Adam Levine and was shot on an iPhone with social distancing protocols in mind.

In an Instagram message following the song’s release, Adam said, “The entire idea of perfecting this song was done with the whole world in mind. I’m hoping that nobody’s love is a song that can give everyone a moment of peace and reflection during this unprecedented moment in our world’s story.”

He added, “Whether you are an essential worker on the front lines, an outspoken citizen fighting for social justice, or just someone who needs a break to remember the potent power of love, this song is for everyone. We hope you love it!!!”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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