Mark Wahlberg’s Workout Schedule is INTENSE!

On Wednesday night’s Late Late Show, James Corden shared his visit to Mark Wahlberg’s house for a 4 am workout.

Wahlberg put his daily schedule on Instagram which includes a 2:30 am wake-up and a 3:15 am breakfast before hitting his home gym. Corden had to see this for himself. Wahlberg took Corden through some weight training. Wahlberg told Corden, “If you want to get into top, top shape…” Corden interrupted saying he preferred “bottom, bottom shape.” Corden presented Wahlberg with 4 am Club t-shirts featuring muscular drawings of each of them. Corden was mysteriously more muscular than Wahlberg.

Do you maintain a strict schedule? Do you prefer to work out early in the day?



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