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Mariah Carey reveals that quarantine has "really helped my voice"

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Like many, Mariah Carey is looking forward to the day life returns to normal.  Until then, the “We Belong Together” singer says she is focusing on the positive things happening in her life.

Speaking Wednesday on the Questlove Supreme podcast, Mariah revealed the upside of COVID-19 putting her career on pause.

“Taking off work has really helped my voice,” confessed the diva. “Honestly, for me this whole year with COVID and everything, not having to sing for my supper and travel around and not get the right amount of sleep or just be put on this thing where there’s a certain amount of stress, for me, that takes away a lot of stuff.”

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you’ve got to get back in a studio. Like, you gotta, like, get back to singing. And I’m like, ‘I know,'” said Mariah. 

She added that she’s been using the off time to de-stress, because when she becomes overwhelmed, her singing ability becomes compromised.  One example she gave during the podcast is that her “whistle register” — her ability to hit super high notes — stops working when she’s anxious.

“When I’m under pressure, it’s always screwed up,” said Mariah.  “Every part of my voice is screwed up.”

Mariah added that, when she does return to the studio, she will take a “different approach” when recording her followup to 2018’s Caution.

Admitting that she felt Caution was “rushed,” Mariah says she plans to take more time with her next studio effort so she can fully express herself — especially now that she’s been able to rest her voice.

By Megan Stone
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