Man sacrifices girlfriend to save himself in escape room

Surveillance video from an escape room has gone viral after a man is seen “sacrificing” his girlfriend to a “murderer” inside of the room in order to get free himself.

The video was taken at Escape Game Augsburg in Germany and now has thousands of comments and millions of views.

@escapegame.augsburg it don’t think their relationship survived this one 🤣 #fyp #augsburgcity #augsburg #escape #escaperoom ♬ original sound – Golden Stables

In the video, you see the couple inside of the room huddled in fear when suddenly, the murderer enters the room. The boyfriend appears to push his girlfriend towards the murderer before opens a door behind him, runs inside, and proceeds to hold the door shut.

His girlfriend on the other hand, is seen banging on the door and screaming for help as the murderer closes in on her.

If this isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is.