Man Receives 37 Unemployment Checks Totaling $14,000 In One Day

Dang! If you are having issues getting your unemployment check, this may make your🤯🤬! But if you read the story, it should actually give you hope!

After waiting months for his money, Daniel Mark was surprised to see a stack of checks in his mailbox from the Employment Department. All the checks are valid.

Mark was initially denied benefits at the end of March because he didn’t qualify for standard unemployment. After qualifying under the CARES Act following the pandemic shutdowns, he waited nearly three months for his check.

When the money finally came in, he assumed the department was back-paying him.

Though his first instinct was to cash the checks, he was afraid because he thought it was a glitch in the system and he would be responsible for repaying the money. And he was right!

Mark learned he received double the amount he was supposed to be paid, which reportedly happened to many others. He was allowed to keep only half of what he received.

Would you have kept quiet and kept the money?