Video: Man gets trapped in airport hallway


I have many fears when I go to the airport! Will I miss my flight despite being here an hour ahead of schedule? Did I accidentally pack a weapon? Am I taking too long to get my stuff through security? You know, the normal irrational  fears that go through your head.

Never once did it cross my mind that I could ever become trapped  inside of the airport … until now! Can you say new fear unlocked?!

Watch this video below! This guy not only missed his flight, but when he went to go check if it was there, he gets stuck in a hallway for nearly two hours!

To make matters worse, he spoke to several people while trapped and at least two of them told him they could not get him out due to security reasons, despite being able to open the door.


Just a little video I made to pass the time while trapped in a hallway a few days ago. Makes for a funny story, and who doesnt love a good story!😂 #fyp #travel #airport #calgary #adventure #funny #weird #canada #america

♬ original sound – Ayden

At least he has a sense of humor about the whole situation! I think I would be scarred for life.


Replying to @Sao.Jesus.71 alright, alright, here is an update. Nothing too crazy happened after I filmed my last video but here is the rest of the story 😂 #airport #canada #calgary #travel #adventure #hallway #silly

♬ original sound – Ayden