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Lukas Graham surprises young fan battling leukemia with a private virtual performance

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Courtesy Musicians On Call

When you’re sick, music can cheer you up — especially if it’s a private concert your favorite artist is doing just for you. That’s what a very special young patient found out earlier this month, courtesy of Lukas Graham.

Eight-year-old Xavier, who’s battling leukemia, is a big Lukas Graham fan, and loves to sing Lukas’ song “Scars” to cheer himself up. Earlier this month, his mom reached out to Musicians On Call, the charity that brings live music to patients in healthcare facilities nationwide, to arrange a special virtual performance.

Xavier’s mom told him that that he had to sing “Scars” on a video call because they were doing a singing competition, so Xavier adorably belted out the song, unaware that Lukas, who was in his home country of Denmark, was on the call.

Asked what he’d say to Lukas if he was there, Xavier said he’d tell him that his songs “bring joy to me.”  Lukas himself then popped onto the screen, and a grinning Xavier happily sang a duet with his idol.

But while trying to explain how much “Scars” means to him, an emotional Xavier started sobbing.  But Lukas, who has two young daughters, knew just what to do.

“We all got scars, Xavier. And you know what? Singing songs like this makes us stronger,” he said gently.

“I just want to say I was really, really happy to be able to sing with you today,” he added.

“And I think it’s super strong that you can allow yourself to shed some tears, because you’re going through something that’s pretty tough. And crying can sometimes make it easier, because you’re letting out a bit of steam. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I cry.”

It was Musicians On Call’s first-ever international visit.

By Andrea Dresdale
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