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Lukas Graham releases new song from his documentary '7 Years of Lukas Graham'

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Rasmus Weng Karlsen

A documentary called 7 Years of Lukas Graham premieres in the artist’s home country of Denmark today, and Lukas has released a new song written specifically from the movie.

Titled “Where I’m From,” Lukas says of the track, “It’s a song about remembering your roots without losing sight of where you wanna go. Growth is a necessary component in life if you want to be happy, and growth comes in many shapes and forms, most of them personal.”

“I’ve traveled a long way already but I still live a few blocks away from where I grew up,” he adds. “My point is, that you can grow and move light years and still stay put. It’s all about perception and attitude. Usually, to make something good out of something bad, all I need to do is change those two things. My perception and it my attitude.”

“Where I’m From” features a verse from Wiz Khalifa and production by Mustard; Lukas says he’s “stoked to have a song out with them.”

7 Years of Lukas Graham follows Lukas over seven years, as he goes from local success in Denmark to global stardom, racking up Grammy nominations, millions of streams and sold-out concerts, and also experiencing marriage and fatherhood. The documentary will be released internationally next year.

(Trailer contains uncensored profanity.)

By Andrea Dresdale
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