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Lukas Graham goes live from the laundry room with quarantine update

Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Rasmus Weng KarlsenLukas Graham, who released a new song called “Scars” on Friday, has been quarantining in his house in Denmark with his pregnant wife and his young daughter.  He’s sent ABC Audio an update on what they’ve been doing to keep themselves occupied and just like everyone else, it’s mostly home projects and trying to entertain the kids.

“I’ve been laying down cobblestones in my yard…[and] playing a lot with [my daughter],” he tells ABC Audio. “She’s three years old. It takes a lot of ingenuity to keep that little plaything going without temper tantrums every so often.”

In addition, the “Love Someone” singer says he and his wife are “making the most of the groceries that we have so we don’t need to shop too much” and “cleaning cupboards, closets.”  He’s also trying to give his wife some space — literally: He recorded his update while sitting in his laundry room.

“It becomes paramount to leave some space for the other people in the household when you’re locked up together 24/7!” he notes.

But it’s entertaining daughter Viola that’s really been a challenge for Lukas.

I think we’re going to wash off our daughter’s bike and teach her how to ride it indoors,” he muses. “So, yeah, we’re cleaning the house, getting ready for the next kid, and we’re teaching our little daughter how to have fun with the same toys and the same books.”

“A few days ago, she asked if we could pretend [our house] was the preschool,” he laughs. “So yeah, it’s not just me who wants to go back into the real world, ladies and gentlemen!” 

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