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“Lover” Cover: Taylor Swift pronounces Niall’s version of her song “stunning”

Courtesy of Spotify

Courtesy of SpotifyNiall Horan has put his own spin on Taylor Swift’s hit “Lover,” with some help from one of his tour mates.

Niall and FLETCHER — who’ll open for Niall on his upcoming U.S. tour this April — have recorded a duet version of “Lover” as part of Spotify’s Singles series.  While their version starts out slow and stripped-down, like Taylor’s original, it transforms into an upbeat rock tune, propelled by a strong drum beat, with electric guitar.

Taylor approves of the cover: On her Instagram Story, she posted a screenshot of the single artwork, and wrote, “This is absolutely stunning. Love you guys.”  She also added an animation of herself applauding.

It’ll be interesting to see if Niall and FLETCHER plan to perform their duet during their tour.  It’s already likely that Niall will sing a song or two with the other artist who’s part of the Nice to Meet Ya tour: his good pal, Lewis Capaldi.

Niall’s new album, Heartbreak Weather, is out March 13.

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