Love, Movies And A Sore Throat! It’s What We Talked About On Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

Has Nicolas Cage turned into a Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love again!?  Word is he and Lisa Marie Presley may be rekindling their romance!  You may remember their amazing marriage that lasted 107 days back in 2002…. 
**But let’s not forget his 4 day marriage earlier this year**
Lisa Marie is also single – going through a custody battle with her ex over their 10 year old twins. 
If they do get together and get married, they will have 10 marriages between them….5 for her….5 for him.
Ryan Reynolds is going to be a very busy guy if these 2 plans go into motion!
A script is being shopped around for a remake of “A Christmas Carol” with Ryan and Will Ferrell!  
Do you think that Christmas classic would compete with his BEST movie “ELF”!?
AND a “Clue” movie remake is being talked about with Ryan and Jason Bateman will direct and star in it too!
1985 was the first “Clue” movie and they filmed 4 different endings!  
Her heart may go on…but the shows won’t.  Celine Dion had to cancel a few shows in her home country of Canada!
Montreal will get 4 make up shows in November, she had to cancel due to a throat virus!  Her doctors have her under strict orders to get vocal rest.
She just started this tour last week….not a good sign.
She will be at the BB&T Center January 4th and her new album “Courarge” comes out November 15th.