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Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Nicky Youre and more made waves on TikTok in 2022


TikTok is saluting the end of 2022 by rounding up the hitmakers who made the biggest waves on its app.  Those making this year’s list include LizzoNicky Youre and Billie Eilish.

Lizzo made several year-end lists. She is not only TikTok’s most viewed U.S. artist of 2022 and the artist with the eighth-highest number of new followers, she’s the fifth-most-viewed artist in the world. Additionally, her hit “About Damn Time” was the fourth biggest track in the U.S. and finished in eighth place in the race for top global track.

Also securing several year-end nods was Billie, who had the fourth-highest number of new followers in the U.S. this year and was the ninth-most-viewed artist in the U.S. Globally, she earned the seventh-highest number of new followers. It should also be mentioned the song “BILLIE EILISH” by rapper Armani White was the ninth-most-used song in U.S. TikTok videos.

Nicky Youre made waves on the app because of “Sunroof,” his collaboration with dazy. That song was the most-used track on U.S. TikTok and was second in the entire world.

Other honorees include Doja CatSelena Gomez and Charlie Puth. Doja claimed the third-highest new follower count in the U.S. On a global scale, she earned the sixth-highest number of global followers and was the 10th most-viewed artist in the world.

As for Selena, she gained the fifth-highest number of new followers in the U.S. and was the sixth-most-viewed artist in the country. 

Charlie finished in fourth place for being the most viewed artist in the U.S. and was the eighth-most-viewed artist on a global scale.

TikTok released its complete year-end stats on its blog

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