Let's Check What's Trending In Hollywood!

Did we almost lose Jason Momoa yesterday?!?!?

His private jet had to make an emergency landing after the pilot thought there was an engine fire!!!
They landed at the Palm Springs Fire Department in CA and thank goodness it was a false alarm and Jason hopped another plane to hopefully film another Aquaman movie.
Do you watch Tanked on Animal Planet?  They make super cool super HUGE fish tanks for business and celebrites – Tracy Morgan has one with sharks in it that is the length of his whole basement. Shaq has one, Ludacris, Neil Patrick Harris.
One of the wives was arrested for domestic violence!  Heather who is married to Wayde, allegedly slapped him in the face and kicked him in the stomach twice during an argument at their Las Vegas home.  She denies dragging him with her car, but cops think otherwise.  She was arrested, but since has been released.
Usually it’s just ladies that argue and carry on on twitter.  Well this latest twitter war was 2 of our favorite GUYS!  Nick Jonas and JOHN STAMOS!
And this one was all fun!
John is a long time fan of the Jonas Bros and likes to wear their shirts.  Well Nick took a pic of THAT, made a tshirt, posted it and said “your move” #sucker.
What did John Stamos then do?
He responded just a few days later with a photo of him sleeping with a pillowcase that had the pic of Nick wearing the pic of Stamos captioned, “Had the craziest dream last night…” along with the hashtags “Jonas Brothers” and “Sucker.”