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Lance Bass reveals *NSYNC still makes fun of Joey Fatone's reaction to a Justin Timberlake prank

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Leave it to Lance Bass to reach deep into the *NSYNC vault and dust off a story fans have never heard before.  

Speaking to the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast recently, Lance regaled listeners with the tale of how Justin Timberlake pulled a prank on Joey Fatone that resulted in the band’s “biggest fight.”

“You couldn’t even call it a real fight,” he clarified, noting how well everyone got along. 

The incident happened when the boys were in Miami for their charity basketball game Challenge for the Children.

Lance explained that they were going to do some press for the event early in the morning, but, he added, “We were so tired because we had been out the night before.” They decided to meet at a hotel room beforehand.

“Joey was late,” he recalled. “About 15 minutes late.”

As the boys were waiting for Joey to show up, the hotel delivered room service, and Justin decided to mess with Joey’s meal.

“Joey had ordered a burger,” Lance explained. “Well, Justin…took the burger, took a huge bite of it and put it back.”

Unfortunately, Joey didn’t find it funny. 

Lance laughed, “Holy moly. There was something up Joey’s butt that day!”

According to Lance, Joey threw a fit and demanded a new burger, even threatening he wouldn’t meet the press until the new burger arrived.

“It was so funny,” Lance recalled, adding that he had “never seen Joey get so upset about something like that.”

Neither had the rest of the band — and Lance says Joey’s never lived it down.

“He was probably tired,” Lance allowed, but revealed, “We make fun of him all the time for that outburst.  All the time.”

By Megan Duley
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