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Lady Gaga says new book is about the "power of kindness," insists masks are "not political"

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Lady Gaga raises awareness of young activists’ voices in her new book, Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community, out today.

The global superstar teamed up with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, to share the collection of stories from young leaders who have prevailed in the face of adversity and found the strength to share what they’ve gone through.

“This book is about the power of that kindness to tell your own story, to inspire someone, to help them feel less alone,” Gaga said in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America.

The book was created with Gaga’s nonprofit Born This Way Foundation. Germanotta, who co-founded the organization with her daughter and currently acts as its president, spoke about the benefit of giving young change makers a place to share their stories.

“When you give them a platform, you will see them rise up and be incredibly strong and share their brilliance,” she told GMA.

Asked why kindness is difficult for some people, Gaga said, “I think sometimes people maybe exist in a negative space. It’s actually what my story [in the book] is about. I was put in a garbage can by some bullies, and I went through many other [negative] things in my career.”

During the interview, Gaga also said that wearing a mask is an act of kindness, in the sense that it prevents you from infecting others.

“I think wearing a mask is a sign of respect,” said Gaga, who sported a number of high-fashion, over-the-top masks at the MTV VMAs.

“Masks are not political. And a mask can be fashion and it can match your outfit and you can make it fun and be yourself if you want to.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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