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Feel Good Friday (05-29-20)

Feel Good Friday, YouTuber Gives Up Kid, Missed Connections, One Digit From Elon Musk’s Number, No Name Movie Game and Can Dennys Tell If You Are High (ATS Starts 2Hr 26Mins 18+ Only)

Can KVJ Not Make A Face While Drinking Wasabi Tequila? (05-28-20)

(Due To Episode Length and Technical Difficulties Today- The ATS Is Separate From The On Air Broadcast)
Great Actors Worst Movies, Dennys Joke Jury, Karens Gone Wild, You Can’t Make A Face, KVJ Confessional and What’s Your Favorite Positive Story Since Pandemic Began?

The KVJ After The Show Podcast 18+ Only (05-28-20)

(Contains Adult Language) The KVJ ATS Podcast 18+

Jbird and Dennys Are In The KVJ Shark Tank (05-27-20)

World Record Wednesday, My Girlfriend’s Condom Comment, What To Think About Our Dog Sitter, FML, Sub Theft, KVJ Shark Tank Pitch and Can Jbird Ollie? (ATS Starts 2Hr 35Mins 18+ Only)

KVJ Has Technical Issues (05-26-20)

Call Them Out, Think Fast, Dennys or Animal, Central Park Karen and Apologies For The Technical Issues! (ATS Starst 2Hr 12Mins 18+ Only)

Have A Safe Memorial Day! (05-22-10)

Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, I Don’t Want My Husband Bald, Our Show Stinks, Cereal Mash-Ups and Can Dennys Tell If You Are High? (ATS Starts 2Hr 10Mins 18+ Only)

What Are Some Old Shows That Don't Pass Today's PC Standards? (05-21-20)

Rebooted Movies From Another Perspective, Dennys Joke Jury, Karens Gone Wild, KVJ Court: My Husband Is Going To Disney Without Me, You Can’t Make A Face, Mystery Box and Whose Post Is It? (ATS Starts 2Hr 35Mins 18+ Only)

The Weird and Whatever Podcast 18+ (05-21-20)

Join Jason, Dennys, Vickie, Ryan and Brittany as they discuss the weird things out there!

Can Jbird Learn How To Ollie On A Skateboard? (05-20-20)

World Record Wednesday- Marshmallow Catch, Facebook Fishing, Go-Fund-Me For A Laptop, Stealing Social Post Photos and Jbird Has A Week to Learn How to Ollie (ATS Starts 2hr 33mins 18+ Only Adult Lang)

What Is A Song You Love From An Artist You Hate? (05-19-20)

Master Debater, Karens Going Wild, Dennys or Animal, Song You Love From An Artist You Hate and Am I The Jerk? (ATS Starts 2Hr 30Mins 18+ Only)

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