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Does Keto Help Prevent The Flu? (11-18-19)

Friendsgiving, What Are The Laws About Pumping At Work, Dennys or Animal, Being Creepy In Yoga and Is Kevin Better Or Worse Than Dennys? (ATS Podcast Starts 2Hr 7Mins 18+ Only)

It's Monday and Who Is Ready To Think Fast (11-18-19)

Think Fast, Jbird Celebrity Sighting, Call Them Out and Should Kids Have To Hug Family? (ATS Starts 2Hr 3Mins 18+ Only)

Yay Friday Everyone! (11-15-19)

Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, Going Through A Kid’s Phone, Best Apps of the Last Decade and Man vs. Animal! (ATS Starts 2Hrs 18+ Only)

Stories From A Stoner- Citizens Arrest 18+ Language (11-14-19)

Have you ever been so high you hitch a ride with the wrong people? Yeah no, we didn’t think so- only in Producer Dennys world! But where his buddy was on his way to is the best part.

The Weird and Whatever Podcast 18+ (11-14-19)

Hello Weridos! The Gang Talks About Jbird’s Recent Dreams, OK Boomers, Feeling Guilty and Would You Date Your First Cousin? (Contains adult language 18+ Only)

What Was Your Most Humiliating Break Up? (11-14-19)

KVJ Hate Song, Your Most Humiliating Break-Up, Facebook Fishing, Dennys Joke Jury and Seasonal Dating (ATS Starts 2Hr 4Mins 18+ Only)

What Do You Want To See KVJ Do? (11-13-19)

Feet or Cheese, Old Radio Theatre, Legit Or Not, Unsolicited D Pics and Haircut Mess ups (ATS Starts 2hr 5Mins 18+ Only)

What Thing Do You Do That Makes You Look Weird? (11-12-19)

Disney+ Launches, Fact or Fiction, Dennys or Animal, That Thing You Do That Makes You Look Weird and Is Suits Better or Worse Than Kevin? (ATS Starts 2Hr 7Mins 18+ Only)

It's Monday- Who Do You Need To Call Out? (11-11-19)

Call Them Out, Think Fast, Fighting For Breastfeeding, Dealing With Promiscuous Past and What’s Up With Jbird’s Voice? (ATS Starts at 2Hrs 18+ Only)

It's Feel Good Friday! (11-08-19)

Feel Good Friday! No Name Movie Game, People Who Don’t Get a Hint, Wine Moms and Tips To Help Remember Peoples Names! (ATS Starts 1Hr 50Mins 18+ Only)

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