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Stories From A Stoner- The Bong and The Balcony (10-11-19)

A classic Stories From a Stoner from back in Dennys past!

Feel Good Friday On The KVJ Show! (10-11-19)

Feel Good Friday! No Name Movie Game, Pumpkin Darts, Bedroom Brag Slogan and My Daughter’s A Sugar Baby (ATS Starts 2Hr 11 Mins 18+ Only)

How Well Can Jbird Spell German Words? (10-10-19)

Oktober Fest! My Boyfriends Ex Has His Key, KVJ Hate Song, My Kid Is A Liar, Dennys Joke Jury, and What’s My Age, Again? (ATS Starts 2Hr 7Mins 18+ Only)

The Weird and Whatever Podcast- Aliens Ghosts and Bigfoot 10-09-19

Jbird’s Demon Update, Dennys Random Facts, Being Lonely and Getting Turned On By Material Possessions!

Tell Us A Scary Story In 5 Words! (10-09-19)

Jbird vs HOA, IRS & PBI, Facebook Fishing, Mystery Box, Period Parties and A Jbird Haunted Apartment Update! (ATS Starts 1Hr 55Mins 18+ Only)

Guess The Most Popular Halloween Costumes By Year (10-08-19)

Dennys or Animal, Missed Connections, Name The Meat Juice, Fortnite Addictions and My Mom Hooked Up With My Obnoxious Supervisor! (ATS Starts 2Hr 22Mins 18+ Only)

What Are Some Questions You Should Never Ask? (10-07-19)

Best Condiments, Think Fast, Dennys Ruined Jbird’s Delivery Food, Handwriting Analysis and What Did You Find Out After They Died? (ATS Starts At The 2Hr Mark 18+ Only)

Did Virginia Go Party On A Thursday Night? (10-04-19)

Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, How Your Kid Embarrassed You In Public And Did Virginia Go Party On A Thursday Night? (ATS Starts 2Hr 9Mins 18+ Only)

Stories From A Stoner- Hotel Hell (10-04-19)

Producer Dennys and his friends were hanging out at a condo off Seawall’s Point back in the day and had a confrontation with the police!

The Weird and Whatever Podcast 18+ Only (10-03-19)

Hello Weirdos- The gang has a ghost update for you! Dennys (And Beckett) Random Facts and Producer Aryele Is Looking for Love!

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