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What Dumb Thing Are You Fighting About In Quarantine? (04-01-20)

Facebook Fishing, Dumb Quarantine Fights, Stump The Bird, Who Is The Legit Actor, He Accused Me of Cheating …In a Board Game (ATS Starts 2HR 26Mins 18+ Only)

What Is The Dumbest Thing You Hoarded? (03-31-20)

Fact Or Fiction, Dumbest Thing You Hoarded, Dennys or Animal, My Babysitter Is Price Gouging, Stump The Bird and Adopt A Bartender (ATS Starts 2Hr 29Mins 18+ Only)

Need Tp? KVJ Is Here To Help! (03-30-20)

March Fatness Snack Brackett Final Match Up! Think Fast, Quarantine In 3 Words, Coronavirus Inspired Pick-Up Lines, TP Drive-Thru and Call Them Out (ATS Starts 2Hr 20Mins 18+ Only)

Have A Safe Feel Good Friday! (03-27-20)

Feel Good Friday! No Name Movie Game, Coronavirus Celeb Game, Jbird Production Genius, Missed Connections and Dennys Knows When You’re High (ATS Starts 2Hr 21Mins 18+ Only)

What Is Happening In Day 10 Of Your Quarantine? (03-26-20)

Short Term Memory Loss Trivia, Day 10 In Quarantine, Custody During Coronavirus, Dennys Joke Jury, Raise Your Hand Poll and My Wife Had Her Ex Take Risque Photos Of Her… (ATS Starts 2Hr 14Mins 18+ Only)

What Are Your Top 5 Board Games (03-25-20)

FML, Best Board Games, I Might Lose A Guy Over Social Distancing, Legit or Not- Maid and It Looks Weird When…(ATS Starts 2Hr 19Mins 18+ Only)

Vote For Your Favorite Snacks In Our March Fatness Brackett! (02-24-20)

We Broke Up While Being Quarantined Together, March Fatness Snack Brackett, How To Pick Up A Delivery Guy, Facebook Fishing, and Is It Denny’s or Animal? (ATS Starts 2Hr 22Mins 18+ Only)

KVJ Is Calling Out The Coronavirus! (03-23-20)

March Fatness Snack Brackett, Think Fast, Call Them Out, My Husband Is Spreading Fake News, My Wife Wants Me To Give Up Driving For Uber and Should I Text My Fiance’s Ex Update! (ATS Starts 2hr 13Mins 18+ Only)

Feel Good Friday and Be Safe Everyone! (03-20-20)

Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, March Fatness Snack Brackett, Toilet Paper Calculator, What You Learned During Your Quarantine and Coronavirus Might Kill My Marriage! (ATS Starts 2Hr 24Mins 18+ Only)

What Is In The KVJ Mystery Box Today? (03-19-20)

March Fatness Snack Brackett, Mystery Box, Dennys Joke Jury, KVJ Confessional and When Should I Tell My New Guy About My Crazy Ex? (ATS Starts 2Hr 14Mins 18+ Only)

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