KVJ Show

KVJ Drinking Game! (12-13-22)

KVJ DRINKING GAME – Drink anytime…

– Virginia brings up TikTok

– JBird brings up murder

– Virginia and JBird get into an uncomfortable exchange which leads to derailing the show

– Someone says the word “interesting.”

– Anytime Virginia says the word “Hooker.”

– Virginia says the word “like.”

– JBird stutters.

– JBird spills something.

– We talk about farts or any other bodily function.

– We bring up drinking/partying.

– Anytime Kevin’s lack of sex life is brought up

– Anytime you talk about fat Kevin

– Anytime the witch cackles

– Everytime bird says sorry

– Everytime bird talks about food

THE CHATROOM – Drink anytime someone from the chatroom…

– Complains about the music

– Complains about commercials

– Gets involved in a political fight

– Calls us lazy for replaying bits

– Talks about hating love

– Asks us to move on from a certain topic

– Rips on Virginia’s parenting

– Says they hate Bird’s long hair

– Says Kevin looks skinny or sickly

– Someone says the stream isn’t working when it really is

– Complain about the rules not being fair about a game or contest

– Complains about Kevin talking about sports


– Calls Kevin “Riggy”