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KVJ “Best Valentines Day Poem” Challenge- Vote Here!


Vote For The Best Valentine’s Day Poem!

Submission One- Heather 

Rose’s are red, Chocolates taste sweet.

Don’t send me your D- Pics, They’ll end up in a tweet.

I’m a real classy lady, I don’t need to wine and dine.

We’ll relax on the sofa, Netflix and chill is just fine.

Don’t go all out, It’s just  another day anyway.

And remember this, On Valentine’s Day.

Tell me you love me, But only if it’s true.

Because I know in my heart, That I Truly love you.

Submission Two- Jessica

After 2 beautiful children, we must say farewell,

With a valentine’s vasectomy to balls who have done swell.

Thank you for taking one for the team,

You really are the man of my dreams.

And even though you’ll be out of commission,

Your satisfaction will be my TOP mission.

All jokes aside, I love you with all my heart,

And unlike your swimmers, we will never grow apart.

Submission Three- Sarah

Shall I compare thee to a pizza pie? Or a pink eye lie?

Thou art more keto; just kidding, it’s plant based now.

Rough winds doth shake under Virginia’s chair,

Which leave thy nostrils with burning hair.

Sometimes too hot the head of thy witch,

Perfectly balanced by her side kick- The Bitch.

And every now and then Riggy zones back in,

By chance, you’ll hear a fake laugh or buzzer sound from him.

Let us not forgot thy eternal bond shone between a stoner and a bird;

And thy loving Suits; a wheel, a third.

So long live this show, as it gives life to thee.

Forever in my heart, my KVJ Family!


-Thank you Hoffman’s Chocolate For The Delicious Chocolate Prize Basket!-