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A lot of businesses are closing down due to the Covid-19 pandemic and that is making it difficult for many people to pay their bills.

KVJ is showcasing local servers & bartenders who are out of work and need help in this time of crisis.

Here are some submissions of local workers who need financial help. If you would like to send a donation to them- listen to their story and donate through their Venmo link 🙂

Thank you and please be safe!


Out Of Work Bartender That Could Use Some Help


Jaime used to bartend at Copper Blues and then at Grato in West Palm Beach but unfortunately is currently out of work

VENMO- JaimeParsons17




VENMO- @Jason-Millard-1122




Alaina lost her job at a Tiki Bar in Fort Pierce

VENMO- @Alana-Sarno




Vanessa is a mother of 2 who lost her restaurant job in Jensen Beach.

VENMO- @VanessaB1107




Steffani was a bartender at Duffys PGA location for 15 years, my last shift was March 17th…

VENMO- Sbirster0612@gmail.com




Lee Was A Server At Duffy’s And Was Laid off





Matthew Was Laid Off In California and Has A Family To Support





Lauren Was Laid Off From Outback Steak House and Could Use Some Help

VENMO- Lauren-Russo-17




Kaylee Worked At Dune Dogs But Still Needs To Provide For Her Son

Venmo- @Kaylee-Manderville 




Chelsea Was A Bartender That Was Let Go In Wellington and Has No Income
Venmo: chelseavillano



Alex Was Laid Off of Work and She Is Pregnant

CASH APP- $LexBrodyButt




They Had To Close Up The Crazy Horse Saloon and Kelsey Has Kids To Take Care Of
Venmo- @Kelsey-McNaughton



Dave Is Out Of Work At His Main Job and Is Looking For Help

VENMO- @Drew-Gallagher-7




Natasia Has a 10 Year Old and Was Laid Off In PSL

VENMO- @Natasha-Corcoran



Brooke Was Laid Off And Is Struggling To Pay Bills

Venmo- Brooke-Wonders





Omar Bartender and Penny’s at the Duke in Lantana FL out of work ask for help

VENMO- @Omar-Nichols





VENMO- Rachel-Quismundo


97.9 WRMF and Cheney Brothers Stand Together in Supporting Our Local Food Service Workers

Right now, we’re all feeling the impact of the spread of Covid-19. Food and beverage professionals are severely impacted by restaurants closing or shifting to take-out. Workers are hurting. Every little bit helps.

Every time you have a drink or meal at home during social distancing, consider tipping a local service industry worker through Venmo or Cash App.

Click here to donate!