Krispy Kreme Will Sell a Dozen Doughnuts for $1 This Week!

Krispy Kreme is back with another amazing deal in celebration of their 81st birthday.
Until August 2nd, you can get Krispy Kreme’s “Glazed Confetti Doughnut”, which is a vanilla birthday cake-inspired dough with confetti sprinkles throughout, glazed in classic Original Glaze, and lightly topped with colorful sprinkles.
If you’re really into doughnuts, then make your sweet tooth wait until Friday the 27th where you can buy a dozen donuts and get another dozen of original glazed for $1.00.
Along with the Glazed Confetti Doughnut, you can also get the banana pudding or the Strawberry and Kreme doughnut which is only available for the Summer.
Are you more of a doughnut or muffin person?