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"Kings & Queens": Why Ava Max thinks her sword is bigger than yours

M Avamax 090920
Charlotte Rutherford

Ava Max‘s latest hit “Kings & Queens” is a fresh take on the concept of how men should treat women with respect — but the singer goes a step further, saying she believes women are just “better in every way.”

One funny line in the song really makes this clear: “You might think I’m weak without a sword/But if I had one, it’d be bigger than yours.”

“All my friends think I’m like silly and funny in person, so I try and add that in my music,” Ava says about that particular lyric. “They’re like, ‘You say the weirdest things.’ I’m like, ‘I do say the weirdest things!'”

She laughs, “So ‘my sword is bigger than yours,’ I think is something that we wanted to put in there, because it’s something I would say!”

“I think it’s just also a jab at like, you know, [how] women can multitask better than men — and that’s just the truth and we’re just better in every way!” she adds, laughing “And I personally believe that and that is my opinion!” 

As “Kings & Queens” climbs the charts, Ava’s long-awaited debut album Heaven & Hell will finally arrive September 18.

By Andrea Dresdale
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