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Kesha writes song about her idol, Nicolas Cage — and it’s just as weird as he is

Dana Trippe

Dana TrippeRemember back in January, when Kesha got to meet her idol, Nicolas Cage, at a screening for one of his movies?  She posted a video of their encounter and wrote, “Meet ur idols!!!!!!! Sometimes they’re the sh**.” 

Well, now the National Treasure star has inspired Kesha to compose a new song — if you can call it that.

The song, posted on Kesha’s socials, features the “Raising Hell” singer incorporating titles of, and references to, Cage’s movies — and the whole thing is intercut with film footage. There’s even a “guest appearance” from Cage, in the form of a sample of his dialogue from the movie Kick Ass: “Good call, Baby Doll!”

The lyrics go, “You think you’re famous?/Don’t touch my snakeskin/I got a dinosaur head hanging in my basement/I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas/Request my presence, here’s the number, call my agent/B***h, I’m a National Treasure, I make it rain in the desert/I got an octopus, I got a pyramid/You think I’m extra? I’m on some Nicholas Cage s**t.”

The “dinosaur head” and “octopus” lyrics no doubt refer to two things that Cage has admitted spending a crazy amount of money on over the years: a $150,000 octopus, and a $276,000 tyrannosaurus skull, which he eventually had to return after he learned it had been stolen. 

As for the pyramid, several years ago, Cage purchased a gravesite in a New Orleans cemetery that holds a nine-foot-tall stone pyramid mausoleum — which is empty, for now.

Kesha captioned the song and video, “Mood.”

(Video includes uncensored profanity.)

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