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Kesha says new reality series is “a partner piece” to her upcoming new album

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Kesha is getting ready to release brand new music and says her all-new paranormal series Conjuring Kesha is “a partner piece.”

Speaking with Yahoo! News, the Grammy nominee teased, “Conjuring Kesha is a partner piece; with the new music, they really go together.”

She urges fans interested in hearing her new work to watch her new Discovery+ series because, as she explained, “You’ll understand how the [forthcoming Kesha album] was informed.”

“The new record, I’m not going to give away too much as it’s not done, but there is definitely an existential, spiritual side of this record. And I’ll say it: I’ve never been more excited to put out this TV show and this record,” she raved. “These are my two favorite things I’ve ever done in my entire career.”

Speaking of her new series, the “Praying” singer said she did come across several unexplainable and downright terrifying instances.

One episode takes her to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, which she said was a “gnarly” time and, looking back, was probably the scariest episode of the season.

“This place had [conducted] over 10,000 lobotomies in this one building,” Kesha explained of the torture that went on behind the asylum’s walls. “Like, if you watched the episode, things happen that are truly unexplainable. We’re talking demons. Things happened in front of my eyes that I cannot explain — and I’m an executive producer on the show!”

She said of that particular episode, “Some crazy s**t happened. I think that was probably the most insane episode of the entire season.”

Conjuring Kesha premieres July 8 on Discovery+. Not much is known about Kesha’s new album at this time.

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