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Kesha says “hopefully, me acting like an idiot” can bring people a “moment of happiness”

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ABC/Image Group LAKesha isn’t a health care professional, but she’s anxious to help people in any way she can during this tough time.  So what’s been her contribution?  “Acting like an idiot,” she says.

Talking about her TikTok account, which features a bunch of wacky videos, Kesha tells ELLE, “I’m hoping that just dancing around my house like an idiot can somehow bring a moment of happiness to somebody out there because we’re all just trying to figure out how to get through this time. I’m just trying to figure out how to be helpful in my way.”

“I wish I were a doctor. I wish I were a nurse. I wish I could be more hands-on useful,” she explains. “But in the meantime, I’m just playing music for different charitable organizations and just trying to be entertaining. Hopefully, me acting like an idiot can make somebody else out there who’s maybe having a not great day at least laugh at me.”

The singer’s recommendations for self-care during quarantine include taking bubble baths, which she says is “life-changing,” doing face masks and not putting “too much pressure on yourself…to accomplish an extraordinary amount of things.”

And of course, Kesha, who’s been serving as a guest judge on The Bachelor spinoff Listen to Your Heart, has been watching Tiger King.

“That lady for sure fed her husband to the tiger. Let’s just be real,” says the animal activist, referring to Tiger King principal Carole Baskin.

But, she adds, “I want to know what happened to the cats. I need to follow up and make sure that the animals are okay. That’s my lasting impression…I want to know what happened to the tigers.”

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