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Kesha has a new game out that encourages fans to stay home and wreck her room instead

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ABC/Image Group LAAs the nation approaches its second recommended week of home isolation due to COVID-19, celebrities and regular people alike are starting to feel a little stir-crazy.

Kesha, who announced that she had to postpone her anticipated High Road tour, is doing her part to tell fans to stay inside no matter how boring it may seem.

The 33-year-old singer on Thursday urged fans to play her new game, called “Blessed Mess.”

Alerting fans in a video while using a googly-eyed filter, she greeted, “Hi guys, Kesha here.  If you’re at home in isolation and you’re losing your marbles, you should go wreck my room!”

The game literally encourages fans to “throw s*** around” her room within 30 seconds to score never-before-seen exclusive content.  The game will also treat fans to a secret Spotify playlist Kesha compiled herself.

But, if wrecking someone else’s room isn’t your cup of tea, Kesha isn’t short on ideas on how to make staying at home exciting.

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