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Katy Perry Thanks First Responders for Saving Her Life

Fans were divided over whether a gas leak that plagued the American Idol set was real or for ratings.

Katy Perry took to Twitter to thank first responders for “risking their lives every day.” The singer along with audition contestants was rushed off the set after complaints of a “heavy gas smell” were made during filming.  As Perry walked outside she fell to the ground only for first responders to rush to her aid. She later took to Instagram to assure fans that she was okay. Many fans responded with concern for the singer, while others felt the scene was made up in order to make the show more dramatic.

One fan tweeted, “Trying to watch #AmericanIdol this time for reasons I can’t express. Some great moments but their desperation to come up w/a viral video is excruciating to watch. Katy Perry pretending to faint was the fakest thing I’ve seen since Harvey’s walker.”

Do you think Katy Perry fainting on the American Idol set was real or for ratings?